What are bullet journal collections?

‘Collections’ in your bullet journal are the names of those special pages where you collect information on one particular topic.

Another name for collections could simply be ‘lists’, but when we think about bujo collections, they’re often a bit more creative.

Collections pages are sometimes very useful and practical. For example, maybe you need a page to record all your deadlines for a school or work project.

Or maybe you want to keep a list of your family’s addresses all in one place, you so can find them easily when you need to write your Christmas cards.

On the other hand, bullet journal collections can be a way to express your fun and creative side.

Bullet journal collection ideas such as your favorite flowers or dream vacation destinations may not be essential to your day-to-day personal organization, but creating these pages is a chance to daydream and doodle to your heart’s content.

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Why make bullet journal collection pages?

If you’re an arty person, your bullet journal collection pages are the perfect opportunity to express yourself and have fun doodling and decorating your bujo.

Of course, there are also dozens of options in between ‘arty’ and ‘functional’! Think reading lists, recipes to try, mood tracking… maybe not essential,  but sometimes it’s good to get these things out of your head and down on paper.

This brings me on to another benefit of collections. They can clear so much mental clutter!

How many times do you end up trying to remember a hundred things at once, or trying to sort through random notes on your phone, open tabs on your laptop, scrappy bits of paper with names on…

If you have a collection page on that topic, you can simply note the new information down and move on. Save your headspace for more important things 🙂

It’s also really useful to have all your ideas in one place when you’re looking for inspiration. This especially goes for things like books to read or movies to watch.

Once you’ve set up your bullet journal, your mind is probably turning to collection ideas.

Here’s a huge list of over 100 collections and bullet journal list ideas to get you started!


Over 100 inspirational bullet journal collection ideas


  • To-do lists
  • Monthly/weekly/daily tasks
  • Homework assignments
  • Business plans
  • Time block notes


  • Habit tracker
  • Mood tracker
  • Personal goals
  • New year’s resolutions
  • Dream board
  • Health tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Water tracker
  • Menstruation tracker
  • Events and appointments
  • Wish list
  • Shopping lists
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries and special dates
  • Greetings cards received and sent
  • Things to do when you’re bored
  • Experiences to try in spring/summer/autumn/winter
  • New words you’ve learned
  • Friends’ emails and phone numbers
  • Friends’ nicknames


  • Log of weight loss/gain
  • Food diary
  • Fitness diary
  • Running tracker
  • Daily stretching tracker
  • Weight loss goals
  • Fitness goals
  • Tracking your measurements


  • Chore tracker
  • Spring cleaning notes
  • Daily cleaning to-do lists
  • Weekly cleaning to-do lists
  • Home repairs to make
  • Dream home shopping list
  • Favorite paint colors
  • Numbers of home repair contractors
  • Favorite recipe list
  • Food ideas/recipes to try
  • Meal plan/meal prep
  • Store cupboard essentials list
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Plants in your garden
  • Gardening to-dos by month


  • Favorite movies
  • Favorite TV shows
  • Favorite songs and artists
  • Things to watch on Netflix
  • Feel-good playlist
  • Books to read
  • Books already read
  • Favorite authors
  • Favorite Instagram/Twitter accounts
  • Favorite blogs
  • Things to do
  • Places to see
  • Bucket list
  • Favorite foods/snacks
  • Favorite quotes
  • Personal affirmations
  • Things that make you happy
  • Crafts to try
  • Things to be grateful for


  • Specific savings goals
  • Monthly budget breakdown
  • Daily personal expenses
  • Daily business expenses
  • Records for tax returns
  • Household financial info (which bills are due when)
  • Debt tracker
  • Bill payment tracker
  • Money savings challenges


  • Places you want to go
  • Saving money for travel tracker
  • Places you have been
  • Shopping list for traveling items
  • Detailed trip planning and schedules
  • Souvenirs to bring back
  • Best travel memories
  • Friends you made on vacation
  • Contact numbers for hotel, local taxi firm etc
  • Key phrases in the language of your travel destination


  • Funny quotes from your kids
  • Places to go out your family
  • Family game night ideas
  • Baby weight and growth tracker
  • Baby/child’s ‘firsts’
  • Family tree
  • Teachers’/childcare providers’ contact details
  • School shopping lists
  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Allergy/diet info for each kid
  • Insurance info
  • Pet tracker/info
  • Dates of school holidays and special events
  • Dates of national holidays

Bullet journal themed collections!

  • Pages to make
  • Collections to make
  • Notebooks/pens to try
  • Washi tape samples
  • Pen samples
  • Favorite doodles
  • Favorite hand lettering samples
  • Arrows and borders
  • Favorite craft/stationery stores
  • Favorite bullet journal blogs and Instagrams